Welcome to Glasgow Middle School PTA®

The Glasgow Parent Teacher Association (PTA®) works closely with Glasgow staff, parents, and our pyramid schools to build a cohesive, informed community. Together, we support quality education and enrichment for our children. And best of all, we have fun doing it.

PTA Update: 2018 Nominating Committee

Next meeting:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nominating Committee (see below for explanation):

    Tom Dickson  (tomdicksontd@gmail.com)

    Rachael Lubarsky   (rlubarsky9@gmail.com)

    Agnetta Palacios   (amancila@yahoo.com)

The Glasgow PTA® Executive Board consists of 6 officers:


VP-Organization and Outreach

VP-School Activities




* Officers serve for one term (1 year) and are eligible to serve up to two terms (2 years).  Here is the general process by which the 6 officers are selected:

1.  A Nominating Committee was formed and presented for approval at the March PTA general membership meeting.

2.  The Nominating Committee has begun the search to identify a candidate for each of the 6 positions.  Any individual interested in being considered for a position may contact a member of the Nominating Committee to discuss their interest.  The Nominating Committee will build a slate of candidates for the 6 positions.

3.  The Nominating Committee will report its slate of candidates at the April PTA general membership meeting.

4.  The slate of candidates will be presented for approval at the May PTA general membership meeting.  At this general membership meeting, additional nominations may be made from the floor. Only members of this PTA®  present at the meeting may vote.

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