Welcome to Glasgow Middle School PTA®

The Glasgow Parent Teacher Association (PTA®) works closely with Glasgow staff, parents, and our pyramid schools to build a cohesive, informed community. Together, we support quality education and enrichment for our children. And best of all, we have fun doing it.

September 22nd at 7pm: Virtual PTA Meeting, Discussion on Racism

First PTA meeting focuses on After School Activities

The Glasgow PTA’s first meeting will dedicate much of the program to a discussion on racism. The same program will be available for Spanish speaking families on September 23rd at 7pm; please see the agenda for details.

PTA business will include a motion to pass the June 9th, 2020 meeting minutes and a motion to pass the proposed budget for 2020-2021. We will also review the 2019-2020 audit.

Consistent with previous virtual meetings, the invitation for the virtual meeting will be sent via Katie Madigan, Acting Principal. Please RSVP to Katie to receive the link to the virtual meeting. This process is put in place to mitigate disruptions associated with open-links.

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